APAC responds Positively to Freemium OTT: Viu

Whilst there are first-mover advantages by iflix and Hooq, we felt that our offering was more compelling said Kingsley Warner.

Q&A: Shekhar Mhaskar – Executive Vice President Isobar, India

Isobar India's Executive VP Shekhar Mhaskar has worked in the digital industry for more than two decades. Trained as a computer engineer, his career stretches back to the early 90's developing Interactive CD ROMs – the initial steps on a path that would see him leading teams at agencies such as Ogilvy One, Cheil Worldwide, and Maxus.

Prettybird’s Ali Brown On Thriving in an Industry Where ‘Everything is Disposable’

Ali Brown is Partner and Executive Producer at Prettybird in Los Angeles, where she leads one of the industry’s most eclectic production companies.

Author Richard Shotton on What Brands Can Learn from the Psychology of Decision Making

The Choice Factory explores the psychological forces that shape shoppers’ purchasing decisions. The book follows a single person through their day and analyses 25 of their decisions.

Q&A: Tahaab Rais – We Need to Create More Work for People in the Real World

If a President of the United States and a renowned religious leader can be that daring with their creativity in marketing their own brands, and be fast at it, why can’t we, as marketing heads, and we, as agencies?

Interview: Phil Worthington – Managing Director Kantar Millward Brown Vietnam

Originally from the UK, Worthington has worked in Southeast Asia since 2001, first with Nielsen in Vietnam, and then in Bangkok where he did stints with both Nielsen and Kantar Millward Brown. 

Interview: Cinzia Crociani – Global Creative Director at Energy BBDO

As Global Creative Director at Energy BBDO in Chicago, Cinzia Crociani is best known for helping create the award-winning ‘Life Saving Dot’ campaign.

Behind the Scenes with Zameen.Com’s Imran Ali Khan and Ibrahim Suheyl

The six-minute spot, which stars Fawad Khan, Asif Raza Mir and Sana Javed, looks at the importance of family, especially a father’s presence in the life of his children.

Q&A: Tetsuya Bessho, Founder of Japan’s Short Shorts Film Festival

This year, the Tokyo-based Short Shorts Film Festival (SSFF) celebrated its 20th anniversary — a journey that has seen it grow from screening 30 movies to more than 250 this year drawn from over 10,000 productions across 130 countries.

Interview: Bolaji Alausa Executive Creative Director at Noah’s Ark Communications

Bolaji Alausa on the resurgence of creativity in Africa. Today, Noah’s Ark is ranked 21st agency in the world, according to the current Lurzer’s Archive Agency Ranking. Its Airtel ‘10x’ campaign just won the Grand Cristal at the African Cristal Festival in Morocco.

Insights on Branding in Vietnam with J. Walter Thompson Vietnam CEO Saby Mishra

Vietnam has very "volatile markets, so you see the companies that are winners today, they took a very long-term view of the market, they invested into this market, they invested into scale, they invested into market share capabilities and today they are the winners."

Synergy Dentsu’s Atiya Zaidi on Edenrobe’s ‘I Choose Me’ Campaign

"It was more about how we could figure out social and cultural insights and then give them an emotional connection with the brand," says Atiya Zaidi.

Interview: Sanjay Bhasin – CEO Indochina at Dentsu Aegis Network

Branding in Asia recently sat down with Bhasin at the Dentsu offices in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to talk about his move to the new network, his take on trends in the region, adjusting to the new work culture, and more.

Q&A: Faahema Ahmad on Her Career and Breaking Stereotypes in Pakistan’s Ad World

As the ad world globally struggles to get the gender diversity equation right, in countries like Pakistan, where a survey last year of ad agencies found only 15% of the staff were women, the efforts at equality are even more salient.

An Interview with MullenLowe’s Andrei Ivanoff – ‘Geek is the New Chic’

Every member of our team was trained with an immersive experience in creative technology and digital, something that made them very valuable in the marketplace. We became some sort of talent incubator.

Interview: Gyro New York & San Francisco Executive Creative Director Kash Sree

Kash Sree joined Gyro in 2017 and today he is Executive Creative Director of Gyro’s New York and San Francisco offices.

Influencers and Brands: An Interview with StyleHaul Asia Pacific VP Philip Kitcher

The growth of influencers and their work with brands has been a rising trend for the past few years — this even more so with a generation of contemporary consumers who have grown cynical of brand messaging in traditional forms of advertising.

A Conversation with Gabriel Araujo – “The Best Works are Created by Everybody’

We spoke to Gabriel about his most recent roles in advertising, his goals for 2018, and more - including his previous and upcoming time at Korea's Ad Stars.

Anam Shahid and Mahira Maniar on the Social Aspect of the Kapray Fashion Campaign in Pakistan

The big idea behind this campaign is basically to empower women firstly and then secondly it goes on to the notion of discovering your identity, whereas I feel that women in our country especially are not sure what their identity is.

Q&A: Andreas Krasser – ‘Planners and creatives need to work together more closely – especially in Asia’

Globalization has broken down barriers, which we can especially observe with pop culture – and it’s not only Hollywood movies and the old ‘West goes East’ type of convergence anymore.

Q&A: Myung-Sam Park Executive Director of Research and Innovation at Korean Cosmetics Firm Cosmax

Cosmax is South Korean based cosmetics company that has become a leader in rapidly expanding industry, with partners in 100 different countries. Over the past...

Long Time Influencer Xiaxue on her Work, the ‘Teething’ Influencer Industry, and More

Kicking off her career as a long-form blogger back in 2003, Xiaxue's cutting wit and straightforward commentary on a variety of topics soon cultivated a large following in the emerging blog medium.

Q&A: Ari Halper, Chief Creative Officer FCB New York – ‘Don’t Try to Be On Your Best Behavior’

Ari Halper is in the process of transforming FCB New York into one of the city’s most exciting agencies – a company with a 145+ year history that has placed its focus on a start-up mentality of being ‘Never Finished’.

Korean Artist Kim Hyun-Jung on her Art, Creative Trends and Working with Brands

South Korean artist Kim Hyun-Jung has made her mark on the Korean art scene by painting outside the lines of how women are traditionally perceived in a rapidly-transforming South Korean society.

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