Eye-controlled Film Looks to Shed Stereotypes of Women via J. Walter Thompson Taipei

While Taiwan elected its first female president this year and more than half of women in Taiwan work outside the home, many still feel constrained by traditional views of marriage and of their roles as wives and mothers says J. Walter Thompson Taipei.

Partnering with Pegavision, a leading maker of contact lenses, JWT turned this dichotomy into an online film called “For eyes to speak out,” that encourages women to shed societal stereotypes and chart their own course, and encourage society to see them in a different light – as confident, independent women.

According to a release:

In what is the world’s first interactive website with eye control, viewers were asked to switch on the cameras on their computers or laptops before the film starts. The film shows a young woman going about her daily life. A voice-over lists stereotypical statements on womanhood, such as “All girls need to be gentle” and “Marriage equals happiness” as the woman is shown donning a long-haired wig and demurely draping a shawl around herself.

At the end, a viewer might be provoked into an eye roll. That eye roll – sensed by the camera – is all it takes to get the reel playing in reverse. The music quickens, she sheds the shawl and the long hair and the voiceover in reverse turns the statements on their heads.

The brand campaign drew deeply from recent global research by J. Walter Thompson as part of its “Female Tribes” project. The survey found that 84 percent of Taiwanese women agreed “there’s never been a better time to be a woman” and 89 percent agreed with the statement “femininity is not a weakness, it’s a strength.”

Yet 89 percent said they wished they’d seen more female role models as inspiration while growing up and 92 percent said women should have a louder voice when it comes to cultural influence. What’s more, 61% of Taiwanese respondents worry about how motherhood will affect them, financially, and 60% say that if they had to, they would delay getting married or having kids to focus on their career. Meanwhile, 92% say they feel sexually empowered – the highest in all our global markets.

“Pegavision’s brand idea is “Be Unique”. The campaign message, which encourages women to shed stereotypes and chart their own path, aims to elevate that brand idea and connect with the country’s strong, independent female consumers,” says Chang I-Fei, Executive Creative Director of J. Walter Thompson Taipei.

Six different trail packs for the brand’s disposable contacts, meanwhile, used hashtags instead of traditional taglines to make provocative statements. “I dispose daily” declares one, followed by the hashtag “#OneNightStands”. “Debauchery is better than being pretentious”, reads the rest of the copy. “I wear #Imperfection. My beauty is not standardized”, reads a different pack.  “I choose #Gamophobia. Fear that loves ides on a piece of paper,” says another. The copy was also used to create a set of GIFs that users can share.

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