Interview: Naved Qureshi – General Manager at Ogilvy & Mather Pakistan

In this video interview, Naved Qureshi talks about Ogilvy's work in Pakistan with EBM.

Branding in Asia recently had a chance to sit down for a talk with Naved Qureshi, the General Manager of Ogilvy & Mather in Pakistan.

In the segment, Qureshi talks about the agency’s work with EBM putting together creative promotions for the company’s various brands such as Chocolicious, Peanut Pik, and Gluco.

Speaking particularly about working on Gluco, Qureshi notes that it’s a highly-competitive market segment which inspired his team to create a campaign that would differentiate the brand from the crowded field.

One of those strategies included a joint promotion with the domestically-produced film Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor.

Qureshi also talks about the introduction of the Cake Up brand to the EBM suite.

“After 50 years, EBM has diversified into a new product line, which is cupcakes,” said Qureshi.

To familiarize the market with the new offering, the Ogilvy team created a campaign for the launch that includes an ad that is currently running in the Pakistan market.