Mallika Shankarnarayan Appointed Chief Strategy Officer at Havas Village Singapore

Havas Group Singapore has appointed Mallika Shankarnarayan as Chief Strategy Officer for Havas Village Singapore. She is tasked with leading strategy across all disciplines of the Havas Village offering – creative, media social, digital – reporting to Jacqui Lim, CEO Havas Village Singapore.

Shankarnarayan has 20 years experience in strategic leadership across creative, media and marketing roles. Prior to Havas Group, she was the Regional Strategy Director at Grey Group Singapore and prior to that she worked across leading creative and media agencies on brands like Johnson & Johnson , Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Coca Cola, Lego and Spotify.

“Mallika’s deep understanding of behavioural change and expertise in developing integrated communications strategy (or choice architecture as she terms it) that turns human and cultural understanding into a competitive business advantage for brands are critical pillars of building Meaningful Brands,” said Lim.

Shankarnarayan added: “Consumers are being bombarded with uninspiring content while marketers are struggling to balance the access to consumer behaviour data with the urgency to inspire consumers. Siloed solutions only dissect the brand experience into disconnected interactions. Havas Group’s lineage and ideology of building Meaningful Brands and the concept of an integrated ‘Village’ to break silos are exactly what brands need. I am excited to be a part of this value-proposition and bringing this vision to life.”:

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