Gun Advertisement on Bags of Popcorn for Elementary School Movie Night

Photo: Fox 51

Our editorial mission is to cover Asia – for the most part – but I had to write something about this odd bit of ad news – if nothing else because it happened at the elementary school I attended so many years ago.

On a recent movie night at Stephen Foster elementary school in Gainesville, Florida, the teachers and staff handed out bags of popcorn for the kids to enjoy while watching the night’s featured flick.

Turns out the bags had advertisements on them for a gun store.

What the…?

Now I’m not sure what their demographic is at RK Guns, but I’m guessing it’s not elementary school kids. And beyond the poor taste of distributing such things at all, is the fact that Florida is where the horrible shooting tragedy took place at another school.

Making matters worse, on the website, an AR-15 is featured as America’s most popular. The very same weapon that wrought lethal havoc on high school kids just a few hour drive away.

Screenshot from

Can’t really blame the gun shop – current law permits them to do what they do and that’s fair enough. My gripe is with the school and a ludicrous lack of oversight.

A local Fox affiliate reports that the Alachua County School District calls this an oversight.

One official said that, “It is definitely a violation in our policy. It says any advertisement materials should not include references to anything like drugs or weapons. That is part of the policy. So, it should not have happened and we have had conversations with the PTA to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Yeah, that’s a good idea. Geez. Tighten things up back there at my alma mater, folks!

I can’t imagine Stephen Foster (the man who penned “Suwannee River”) would be at all happy with this. Neither am I.