Let her be,” says ELLE India in its new video campaign that questions gender inequality in India. Partnering with the global campaign, WEvolve, the video is part of the #Ungender series.

The video presents scenes of Indian women struggling each day to hide the comfortable nature of their self. It shows how women are pressured to be conscious about the way they dress, sit or walk.

The music of the traditional Jathi-Taalam, in the background, amplifies the beat of social biases that women in India are tuned to. It then ends by portraying confidence of women that does away with stereotyped ideas they ought to be. It tells India to let the women be herself.

Every woman in India will relate to this video about how we hide ourselves in public. ELLE and WEvolve Global are working together towards gender equality, doing away with stereotypical ideas of how men and women should behave. #Ungender

Posted by ELLE India on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

ELLE India shared the video on its Facebook on Monday. It has 2.3 million views and over 30,000 shares since then. It is a video that “every woman in India will relate to” says ELLE India in their Facebook post.

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