Touching Dove Campaign in Vietnam Brings Mothers and Daughters Together via Mutual Hairstyles

In Vietnam, more traditional-minded mothers think that experimenting with hair is not something “good girls” do. And when those girls decide to change their hair anyway to something outside the “norm” it creates friction in the family.

Based on this market insight Dove created a campaign to tell the story of three young women who had this sort of problem and the brand did so with an interesting twist at the end that sees the mother’s themselves get progressive-looking hairstyles to reconnect with their daughters.

It’s quite touching and well done. Check it out.

Part of the global Dove campaign ‘Being you’, the spot was put together by Ki Saigon which identified conversations on social media where girls were being vocal and sharing their stories on how they are judged based on their style, be it clothes or hair color.

“We wanted to tell an authentic story of real women and about their struggle to be themselves in this day and age. The freedom to choose the type of hair you want is one big part of that emotion,” Unilever’s Hair Care Marketing Director Hang Nguyen elaborated.

Dove worked with the mothers of the three identified girls over several weeks and challenged their mothers to do something bold to show their support. In the end, the mothers surprised their daughters with a gesture that they could not have imagined.

“We worked with the directors Robin and Cako to capture the raw emotions of our subject. It had to be carefully orchestrated and presented to the audience,” added Ki Saigon’s Creative Director Kumkum Fernando. “Our clients were bold and challenged us to push the envelope in every step of the process.”

“This is not a one-off, but what follows is a complete integrated campaign that takes this idea on-ground, in homes and on billboards where we will encourage many more mothers to show their support towards their daughters by making this ultimate bold statement,” said Tam Anh Nguyen, the Senior Brand Manager.