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New Australian Tourism Campaign is for the Dogs

Australian tourism body Visit Victoria has put together what they say is the world's first tourism campaign optimized for dogs.

Ikea Launches Clever Campaign in India That’s ‘Not Like Any Other’

With the big opening of Ikea in India back in August, the brand has launched a funny new series of ad films that mark the global giant's first campaign in the country.

Blackpink Stars in New Campaign Spots by Adidas Originals in Korea

South Korean K-Pop girl group BlackPink star in a new campaign launched by Adidas Originals. Adidas signed the group as its brand ambassadors earlier this year.

Jesus the Organ Donor – Controversial Ad in Australia Criticized

"I wanted to deliberately provoke a conversation in homes around the subject. This is really difficult as nobody wants to bring up issues around death and organ donation over the dinner table.”

Attack of the Stiff Jean Zombies Pairs Emily Ratajkowski and Neymar Jr

There are however the unsurprising close-up shots of a tight-jeaned Ratajkowski, and Neymar doing the predictable kick of a rock to take out a zombie. 

Acer Campaign in Taiwan Takes a Comical Look at Life in the Conference Room

Acer has come out with a clever new ad campaign that marries technology with some humorous creativity from ADK Taiwan in an interactive tetralogy-story film for the ACER Swift series laptop.

K Plus’ Face/Off Ad is a Hilarious Follow Up To ‘Friendshit’

Just off the globally-acclaimed "Friendshit" commercial, mobile banking app K Plus is back with another clever and very funny spot created by GREYnJ United Bangkok.

Meet Grant: White Male, Spineless, an Extra Liver, Smaller Genitals – Built to Survive the Ad World

Grant has "a removable spine for client meetings", specially-designed ears to “filter out conflicting opinions,” smaller than average genitals, an extra liver to handle all the alcohol, and of course, he is a white male.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Directs iPhone XS Commercial for the Australian Market

They might come off as a bit cheezy, but imagine you were put in front of an Oscar-winning actor and asked to act out what he tells you? Exactly.

AWARD Awards Launches Funny Call to Entries Film via Host/Havas

The 40th Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association (AWARD) Awards has opened for entries with a funny call to entries film called "Ode to Hate".

Karaoke With Missing Lyrics – Clever Campaign to Fight Alzheimer’s in Thailand

The concept makes use of Thailand's love for karaoke by setting up a YouTube channel with popular songs that have some of the lyrics missing. The idea is that having to figure out the lyrics challenges the brain to remember the missing words and, as a result, strengthens its ability to remember.

Vicks Back with Another Inspirational Film for its ‘Touch of Care’ Campaign

As a follow-up to the tear-jerker #TouchOfCare spot 'Learning to Love' earlier this year, Vicks and Publicis Singapore have launched another inspiring story called 'One in a Million' that follows the life of Nisha, a young girl who has Ichthyosis, a genetic skin condition.

Amazon Runs Clever Binge Watching Campaign for Prime Video

Each 1-minute film examines how binge-watching programs actually transform the people watching them into living their normal, everyday lives like the shows themselves. 

Korea Launches Ad Campaign Addressing Social Abuse Known as ‘Gapjil’

"Gapjil” (갑질), has become an increasingly popular term, more so following highly-publicized incidents involving Korean Airlines executive Heather Cho.

Vietnam Footwear Brand Biti’s Launches Campaign Spot by Redder Advertising

Domestic Vietnam footwear brand Biti's has launched a new campaign created the Ho Chi Minh-based Redder agency starring singer Sơn Tùng M-TP that hits viewers with a cacophony of sound and a visual array of cutaway shots.

The Captivating Art of Vintage Japanese Steamship Posters

What were likely at the time regarded as a simple advertisements and brochures that simply showed departures and destinations, have today become viewed as stunning works of art.

Top Ramen Goes ‘Saucy’ Retro in New Campaign for India

a campaign pitching Top Ramen Curry that features the interaction of a sexy young woman going over the top with her introduction of eating "Saucy Style" to a boyish man on a see-saw at the playground.

VW Pokes Fun at Australian Ad Standards with ‘Too Powerful for TV’ Campaign

The Australian Ad Standards board clearly states on their website that motor vehicle ads should not contain any, "Unsafe driving, including reckless and menacing driving that would breach any Commonwealth law or the law of any State or Territory."

AHM Health Insurance Campaign Taps Clemenger BBDO and Liana Finck to Focus on The Simple Bit

The Private Health Insurance category tends to be a little dry. BBDO Clemenger illustrator Liana Finck to give it a little juice - ironically through a quite simple approach

‘Made in Prison’ – Indian Menswear Brand Offers Exclusive Fashion Line in New Initiative

The exclusive line of "made in prison" clothing will be available in stores and aims to rehabilitate inmates and "bring them from darkness to light." 

Campaign in India Will Make You Wanna Dance with Revival of Classic ‘Urvashi’

The track "Urvashi," which was composed by A. R. Rahman for the 1994 movie Kadhala, plays while the customers ecstatically dance to price savings from PharmEasy - with the lyrics changed to include line "Take it easy PharmEasy".

‘Booberang’ Breast Check Reveals all for Important Breast Cancer Educational Campaign

The campaign takes a light-hearted and straightforward approach to educate women about how to self-examine their breasts and possibly save their lives.

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