Coca-Cola Challenges you to Try Not To Hear These Print Ads

Good luck with that Coke drinkers.

Is Coca-Cola trying to mess with your head as some have described the brand’s new print campaign, or are they simply illustrating the fact that the iconic sounds made by the century-old drink are embedded within us?

Well, actually, both.

In a new print campaign for Coke in Europe dubbed “Try not to hear this,” agency network David, led by its Miami office, has created a series of print ads that challenge you not to hear them.

The series of photographs features close up imagery of Coca-Cola: The “fizzing” of the bubbles, the uncapping of a bottle, and the opening of a can.

And while the “Try not to hear this”, headline challenges viewers to try to keep the sound out of their noggins, it also taunts – as if you can’t possibly do it. Fair enough. We must admit – staring at the ads, we heard them loud and clear.

You try.

Not to bore you with the science of it all but what you’re experiencing when you hear it in your head is called “synesthesia,” when two different senses cross paths in the brain, producing the impression people are hearing one thing even though they’re stimulated via another sense, their vision – what’s known as an auditory illusion.

One thing for sure – it made us really thirsty.

The campaign will run in magazines and newspaper in Europe. Portrait versions of the ads have been produced also for Instagram stories.


Agency: David the Agency
Client: The Coca-Cola Company
Managing Director / Global COO: Paulo Fogaça
Executive Creative Director: Ricardo Casal
Executive Creative Director: Juan Javier Peña Plaza
Associate Creative Director: Fernando Pellizzaro
Associate Creative Director: Jean Zamprogno
Art Director: Andy Tamayo
Copywriter: Alex Allen
Creative Coordinator: Cristina Cornejo Ayala
Head of Global Production: Veronica Beach
Producer: Renata Neumann
Producer: Ricardo Ceballos
Director of Strategy: Jon Carlaw
Senior Brand Planner: Matias Candia
Head of Account Management: Carmen Rodriguez
Account Director: Stefane Rosa
Account Supervisor: Jenny Gobel
Account Executive: Nneoma Chukwueke

The Coca-Cola Company:
Dmitry Muzychenko – CEE IMC Director
Sergey Sverzhinskiy – CEE Creative and Content Excellence Director
Camilla Zanaria – CEE Coca-Cola Content Lead
Laura Legrenzi – CEE Coca-Cola Content Lead
Romain Mallard – Portfolio & Growth Marketing Director
Dimitris Xinotroulias – Sparkling Category Director
Milica Vulicevic Basorovic – Coca-Cola TM Director

Robert Cameron
Robert Cameron
Originally from Baltimore, Robert is now an Asia-based contributor to Branding in Asia.

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Coca-Cola Challenges you to Try Not To Hear These Print Ads

In a new print campaign for Coke in Europe dubbed “Try not to hear this,” agency network David, led by its Miami office, has created a series of print ads that challenge you not to hear them.