Sunday, March 26, 2017

How Shopping Is Becoming Social in a ‘Brick and Mobile’ World

Our entire customer journey – from discovery to research to the point of purchase – has moved online and become intuitive and social.

4 Developments in the Business of Social Media to Keep an Eye On

A lot has changed this quarter in the world of social media but here are four that we think deserve attention as we venture off into 2017 and what social strategies are to come this year.

5 Social Media Monitoring Metrics You Should Be Tracking

All of your marketing efforts build on your branding. However, attributing where the brand recognition is coming from can often be difficult.

Your Worth as a user to Facebook is about $15.25 a year says Analysis of Latest Earnings

Working off Facebook’s third quarter results, SocialFlow, a social media optimization firm has concluded that each Facebook user is worth approximately $15.25 per year in revenue. It also deduced that each user sees about 10 ads per day.

Facebook to Challenge Ebay and Craigslist with New Classified Ads Marketplace

With the official launch of Facebook Marketplace, users can now list items for sale or search a particular area for items they are looking for.

Facebook Metrics Should be Audited says Assoc. of National Advertisers

While ANA recognizes that 'mistakes do happen,' we also recognize that Facebook has not yet achieved the level of measurement transparency that marketers need and require.

3 Social Media Tactics to Grow Your Small Business

Social media has become highly visual. Even sites that were originally text-based — such as Twitter — now emphasize visuals heavily.

Facebook Expands Asia Presence with Philippines Office in Manila

Facebook has opened its first office in the Philippines. Former Samsung mobile business unit director, Digs Dimagiba, will be in charge of running the new office.

Snapchat Fastest Growing Social App with Philippines’ Youth

In the Philippines, where the average user spends 3.7 hours a day on social media, Snapchat is fast becoming a favorite.

Four Brands that are Killing it on Instagram in Asia

Instagram marketing might not be as popular in Asia as in the United States, but a few brands have managed use it with great success with clever marketing tactics.


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