Sunday, March 26, 2017

Q&A: Hugh Kim, YouTube Korea Content Partnership Manager, The Guy that Supercharges Your Channel

YouTube Content Partnership Manager Hugh Kim (김범휴) talks about the future of user generated content, and the popularity of 'mukbang' channels where people do nothing but eat.

Beauty and the Beast Sells 67% of All Movie Tickets Sold in Korea Over the Weekend

Koreans have no qualms with Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" controversy. This past weekend the film captured 67 percent of all ticket sales nationwide.

Band-Aid Korea Recreates Robert Kelly BBC Interview for Parody Ad – Korean People ‘Need Healing’

Band-Aid in Korea has been quick to climb aboard for a ride on the Robert Kelly and family viral tide by releasing an ad parodying the world's most famous viral family and their 15 minutes of super stardom.

Ad Stars Names Suthisak Sucharittanonta to Executive Jury for 2017

Renowned Thai creative and Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of BBDO Bangkok, Suthisak Sucharittanonta, has been named as an Executive Judge for this year's Ad Stars in South Korea.

Samsung Head Has Case Reassigned over Concerns with Judges Connection to Case

A South Korean court said on Friday it has reassigned Samsung Group chief Jay Y. Lee's bribery trial to another judge, following questions about the previous judge's connection to a woman Lee is accused of bribing.

Ad Stars Deadline for ‘New Stars’ Creatives Under 30 set for May 31

Ad Stars is now inviting creative professionals aged under-30 to apply to take part in the 2016 “New Stars AD competition" in Busan, Korea.

KPop Girl Group “Twice” Signs on to Promote Pocari Sweat

South Korean KPop girl group TWICE has been tapped by Donga Otsuka Co. to promote flagship sports drink Pocari Sweat.

South Korea’s Naver Replaces Both CEO and Chairman of the Board

Shareholders of Naver Corp. have confirmed Han Seong-sook as the company's new CEO.

‘Yes, I was Wearing Pants’ – Robert Kelly and Family Release Detailed Statement on What Happened

Robert Kelly and his family have put out a press release detailing what happened and what has since happened since IT happened.

Korea’s Kelly Family Interviewed About their Overnight Stardom

Now virally famous sensation Robert Kelly, the father whose interview with the BBC was adorably crashed by his two kids, was joined by his family in interviews with the BBC and The Wall Street Journal.


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