Sunday, March 26, 2017
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Instagram Advertising Base Tops One Million Mark

The number of advertisers has grown five-fold from 200,000 a year ago, Instagram's vice president for business, James Quarles, said in a phone interview this week. He called the 1 million number a "milestone."

Facebook’s Advanced Measurement Tool: What Marketers Need to Know

Earlier this month Facebook announced the launch of an advanced measurement tool enrapt on reach and attribution.

Asia Pacific Continues to Drive Global Growth in Smartphone Internet Traffic

A global analysis of 1.7 trillion visits to more than 16,000 websites between January 2014 and January 2017, found that smartphones were the source of 500 million new internet users globally.

North Korean TV: Murderous Catholics, Glorious Korean Leaders and More – Watch for Yourself

For those curious about the propaganda branding campaign of the Kim Dynasty, someone has uploaded an hour of North Korean TV on YouTube and it's quite an interesting watch --at once "rousing, patriotic, and grim."

Taiwan is the Most Expat Friendly Nation in the World Says Survey

According to a survey of more than 14,000 respondents from 67 countries, the place where you are most likely to feel the love is Taiwan.

Social Experiment in India tries to get People to Socialize For Real and Not Online

Working with Ogilvy Mumbai, Vodaphone India conducted a social experiment that created a concept called 'Vodafone Phone Valet'.

Vietnam Firms Suspend YouTube Ads in Campaign Against Online Dissent

Some of Vietnam's biggest firms have suspended YouTube advertising as the communist country steps up a campaign against online dissent.

Top 100 Chinese Brands – ICBC Takes Top Spot from China Mobile in Brand Finance Report

Brand Finance has published China 100, an annual report on the world’s most valuable Chinese brands. Chinese banks continue to perform well -even beyond their shores.

Running a Successful Facebook Contest – A Case Study of the ASUS ZenBook 3 Launch

Running a successful Facebook contest can be a great way to promote your business offering. Here is a guide on what worked for us with Asus Zenbook 3

China is Throwing a ‘Tantrum’ Says Korean Official Following Latest Snub of Korean Cultural Products

China's continuing economic punishment of South Korea comes after the country agreed to allow the United States to install an advanced missile system on the peninsula.


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