A Billboard that Converts Air Pollution into Real-Time Discounts for Electric Cars

Carmaker Renault has introduced The DisCO2unt Billboard in Romania that takes the unique approach to sales. On days the air pollution goes up, the price of Renault’s electric car ZOE goes down, with the falling price shown live on a huge digital display.

This way, the zero-emission electric car becomes more affordable right when the city needs it the most. The idea is based on the market insight that Romanians see electric vehicles as being too expensive.

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is one of the most polluted capitals in Europe and the most congested city on the continent, according to the TomTom Traffic Index. With daily levels far exceeding the recommended limit, residents face serious health issues.

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When air pollution went up, the price went down. To make the idea happen, Renault connected one of the largest digital displays in Europe with pollution sensors placed in high traffic areas around the city.

An average was calculated and converted into discounts using a custom-made algorithm. On the billboard, the price of the Renault ZOE changed every six minutes. Anyone could claim the discounted price on the spot, using their smartphones.


Chief Creative Officer Romania, Central & Eastern Europe: Jorg Riommi
Executive Creative Director: Dan Frinculescu
Group Creative Director: Romulus Petcan, Gabriel Gherca
Programmer: Constantin Bunica
Digital Art Director: Sherin Arabo
Digital Account Director: Ana Banica
Motion Graphics: Vlad Socianu
Group Account Director: Lucian Gavril
Client Service Director: Catalin Albu
Planner: Miruna Baias
AV Production Director: Camelia Efrimov
Director: Lawrence Jacomelli

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