Monday, February 20, 2017

Samsung’s Corporate Reputation in America Plunges to 49th According to Harris Poll

Samsung's corporate reputation has plunged in the eyes of American consumers according to an annual survey by Harris Poll.

Hilarious Campaign Aimed at Koreans Struggling with English Abroad

Yoo's expressions are not only humorous, they also arouse sympathy as many non-English speakers could easily face these kinds of situations and often do.

Samsung Head Arrested on Accusations of Bribery, Embezzlement, Perjury and Others

The head of the Samsung Group chief Jay Y. Lee was arrested by South Korean court on Friday over accusations of bribery, embezzlement, perjury and other charges.

New Ad Features Korean Actor Dong-yup Shin Getting ‘Dong Chim’ from a Shrimp

As expected, Shin provides a comedic twist when he looks half-pleased and half-surprised that an enormous crustacean has somehow inserted itself in his rectum.

Korean Smartphone Etiquette the focus of PSA Starring Villain Kim Byeong-ok

The 30-second clip stars popular Korean movie villain and gangster, Kim Byeong-ok --who you might remember from his famous scene in Old Boy.

Analysis and Insight: Are South Korean Companies Really ‘Globalized?’

I have often been frustrated with Korean corporate culture, leadership and talent management. In my view, no other country in the world comes close...

Korea Investigates Google for Unfair Competition Against Samsung

South Korea has announced an investigation of Google for anti-competition concerns with Samsung.

‘Blacklisted’ Korean Artists File Lawsuit Against South Korean Government

A Blacklist was compiled by the government of the embattled Korean president, Park Geun-hye of thousands of artists it felt were critical of the administration.

South Korea’s S-Oil Saves a Family from Seoul’s Notorious Gridlock

A fun resolution to being stuck in traffic by South Korea's S-Oil shows a family rescued from the dregs of gridlock to a world where Seoul has no congestion on the roadways --a truly fantastical tale!

Japan and Korea Score Well in ‘Best Cars for the Money’ Report

Kia models tend to have lower starting prices. What may surprise car shoppers, however, is that they also provide high levels of comfort and refinement.


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