Monday, January 23, 2017

North Koreans Eating American BBQ Video Offers Interesting Insights

The food is actually more of a setup for some interesting discussion and insights about the difference between North Korea and the outside world --with the escapees giving their take on life north and south of the DMZ.

Rebranding North Korea: Design Firm Creates Visual Identity Makeover for Maligned State

Sweden design firm, SNASK, has put together a complete rebranding package for North Korea to help the maligned country turn itself around in the eyes...

South Korea Responds to North Korean H-Bomb with K-Pop Bomb

"I don't think it is a good idea. I think this will only provoke North Korea to threaten the safety of South Koreans."

North Korea Launches Netflix Knockoff – With Five Channels

North Korea has rolled out a Netflix style video-on-demand service called ‘Manbang’, which means ‘everywhere’ or ‘every direction’.

Trump Endorsed by North Korean Media as ‘Wise Politician’ and ‘Farsighted’ Candidate

Mr Trump recently said he would be willing to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and has also proposed withdrawing US troops from South Korea.

North Korea’s Growing Love of Coffee Shops in the Capital

North Koreans prefer cappuccinos, unlike their fellow Koreans to the south, who often prefer a cup of Americano from their local cafe.

What if North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Were to Drop 20kg?

We don't do nearly enough coverage of personal branding on our site. So here it is: what if North Korea's Kim Jong-un, dropped 20 kgs?

North Korea Boycott Means No Uniforms for Some South Korean Kids

The school year kicks off today in South Korea and tens of thousands of students will be showing up to school without uniforms.

North Korea’s Pyongyang Marathon – Registration Deadline January 31

You runners out there looking for something different, mark your calendars. North Korea's Pyongyang Marathon returns on April 10.

North Korea ‘Likely’ Conducted Nuclear Test this Morning

Reports are coming in that North Korea has "likely" conducted a nuclear test that triggered an "artificial earthquake" near a previous testing site. This according to South Korea as well as neighboring countries.




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