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Two Ads I Like and One I Don’t – Nelson Quintal, Cheil Worldwide Seoul

The flawless spot - direction, writing, sound design, visual effects, music, VO, editing, acting - is a masterclass of craft.

Online Spending in China is Close to Reaching its Peak Says Report

Online per capita spend in China is close to reaching a peak and there are a few reasons why this is happening," said Matthew Crabbe

Asia’s Millennial Travelers Challenge the Status Quo

Millennials across Australia, China and Japan are looking for unique experiences and activities, delicious food, shopping and a bit of luxury on their vacations.

TV Takes Two-Thirds of Successful Big-Budget Ad Campaigns Says WARC Global Ad Trends Study

TV takes up almost two-thirds of media spend in high budget successful brand ad campaigns

Five Chinese Consumer Trends Brands Should Look for in 2018

Mintel has revealed the key consumer trends set to impact China in 2018.

Korean E-Commerce Continues to Surpass the Rest of the World

In South Korea, the percentage of FMCG shopping done via E-Commerce is a hefty 16.6%. In comparison, the United States is only 1.4% and, globally, e-commerce still accounts for a paltry 4.4% of FMCG sales.

Two Ads I Like and One I Don’t – Daniel Comar, Regional ECD at Geometry Global, Asia Pacific

Branding in Asia asks industry experts to share two ads they like, and one they are not too crazy about.

Chinese Millennials Give Global Luxury Sales a Boost as Brands Diversify Approach

Chinese millennials are driving faster growth than expected for global sales of high-end products handbags, shoes and jewelry.

Top 10 Ads in India: Google Says Long Form Resonates Most in Q3

The winning formula for engaging with Indian viewers this recording cycle has been long format ads --with five out of the 10 most-watched ads in the quarter clocking in at over one-minute long.

Insight: Driving Regional Integration in Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asia region today is the third largest economy in Asia and the seventh largest in the world, with studies estimating that by 2020, it will boast a USD $3 trillion economy made up of 690 million people.

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