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Two Ads I Like and One I Don’t – Erik Ingvoldstad Founder/CEO Acoustic Group, Singapore

I’m over advertising. It’s dead. Finished. It has to make people feel something – and do something. If it doesn’t, it’s a waste of resources.

The Top Brands in Asia to Watch in 2018

Despite their great market shares in almost every industry, Asian brands are still largely absent from the top brands of the world.

Fritz Grutzner on the Power of Emotion and Archetypal Stories in Global Marketing

Fritz Grutzner is the President of Brandgarten – a brand strategy firm that he founded in 2005.

Why Japanese Design Is So Different & What You Should Learn from It

There are a lot of passionate opinions about Japanese design. From the beauty and subtlety of the best Japanese anime to the design horrors of most corporate Powerpoint presentations, Japanese design covers a huge range.

Two Ads I Like and One I Don’t – Laura Kantor, Head of Marketing, FoodPanda Singapore

This Dream Phone ad makes me shudder when I watch it - all those girls crowded around giggling about 'Steve'.

Nitish Singh on Growing a Global Brand

Dr. Nitish Singh is an Associate Professor at the Boeing Institute of International Business at Saint Louis University, Missouri.

Japan Expresses Dissatisfaction with Neighboring Korean Cuisine Says Poll

While overall 64.1 percent of those polled expressed an awareness of Korean food, Japan ranked the lowest at 32.8 percent.

Makeup Sales to Elementary School Students Surges in South Korea

One survey found that 42.4 percent of Korean elementary school students wear makeup, with 43.4 percent of respondents saying they first started wearing it in the fifth grade.

Snapchat Woes: 96% of Senior Ad Buyers Say They Prefer Instagram Stories

On the user side of things, Cowen's findings were more positive with Snapchat managing to increase user engagement throughout 2017

Alibaba’s UC Browser Gaining on Chrome and Safari for Mobile Online Surfing

One reason the free app for Android devices is moving upwards in the ranks is its small size which works better on low-end smartphones. Google Chrome uses 131mb of space while the UC Browser takes up only 31mb.

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