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How to Brand Driverless Car after Years of Selling the ‘Driving Experience’

For the lifetime of automotive branding and marketing, it's largely been all about the "driving experience." What will the future hold when there is no driver?

Q&A: Liam Galin – Ad Blocking Trend is Not About the Consumer Experience

Google said changes to Chrome were based on user feedback and complaints about disruptive ads. Critics charge that it is self-serving. What are ad blocking initiatives prioritizing?

Mobile Payments a Must for Brands Vying for Massive Chinese Tourism Spending

For brands catering the Chinese tourists, the message is simple: make Chinese mobile payment methods available or risk missing out on sales.

Sex Sells Brands – Even Monkeys are Swayed by it says New Research

Researchers found that the rhesus macaques chose one brand over another by associating the logos with pictures of the backside of the female monkey in the colony or the face of the dominant male.

Insight: Driving Regional Integration in Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asia region today is the third largest economy in Asia and the seventh largest in the world, with studies estimating that by 2020, it will boast a USD $3 trillion economy made up of 690 million people.

How Brands Can Better Engage Chinese Consumers on Social Media

Whether its small, medium or large size businesses, more and more brands are looking for ways to resonate with Chinese consumers. But, it’s not the simple proposition that marketers might be hoping for.

All the Tea in India? China Ranks as Second Largest Packaged Tea Market

Chile the story of tea begins in China, the latest research from global market intelligence agency Mintel reveals that India currently vies with China as the world’s biggest packaged tea* market.

#MeToo in South Korea Grips Nation as President Calls for Increased Investigative Efforts

The #MeToo movement has taken hold in South Korea as male figures from the entertainment industry, government and even the priesthood face allegations that they abused their positions.

APAC Marketers Twice as Likely to Invest in Digital Skills and Education than U.S.

Asia Pacific marketers are leading the way in the adoption of artificial intelligence and the level of investment in digital skills training when compared to their North American and European counterparts.

Six Lessons on How to Avoid Malaysia’s Tourism Logo Disaster

So in terms of the impact, the logo will have on visitors to Malaysia, it will be negligible. However, it will help shape perceptions of Malaysia as a country and much of the debate across social media was how embarrassing the logo is for Malaysia.

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