Monday, January 23, 2017
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Creative Culture vs. Process in South Korea

Korea business consultant Don Southerton offers his insights on South Korea's emerging creative class.

Asian Strategy Report Looks at Effective Marketing Trends in 2017

With Asia's economic slowdown creating uncertainty in many countries across the region, campaign budgets continue to shrink forcing brands to think creatively and do more with less.

North Koreans Eating American BBQ Video Offers Interesting Insights

The food is actually more of a setup for some interesting discussion and insights about the difference between North Korea and the outside world --with the escapees giving their take on life north and south of the DMZ.

Indian Consumers Twice as Likely to Make a Purchase after Watching Video Ads

The numbers show that after watching video ads, purchase intent among Indian audiences is the highest in the world at 69%. By comparison, that's more than double the UK rate of 30%.

India Consumers Remain Most Optimistic in Asia Pacific Region

India did have a slight dip of 2.4 points down to 95.3 in overall consumer confidence, but still remained tops in the Asia-Pacific region as the most optimistic market.

Insight: Media Monitoring Helps Today’s Data-Driven Marketer

Not only do they need data to make decisions and formulate campaigns, but they also have to use the data to innovate strategy and drive revenue increases.

Samsung Head says ‘Very Sorry to the South Korean People’ Over Scandal

Parliament impeached Park over allegations she allowed a friend, Choi Soon-sil, to exert inappropriate influence over state affairs.

Rogue One Doesn’t Really Impress South Korean Audiences

Walt Disney Korea, which now owns the franchise, made efforts to address this by branding Rogue One as a story that anyone could enjoy without having prior knowledge of the series.

More Resilience, Less Risk: Six Reputation Management Predictions for 2017

Reputation is a vital, fragile business asset that needs a lot of love. Ruder Finn's Charles Lankester takes a look at the year ahead in reputation management.

A Novel Pitch: Digital Agency Introduces its Team Through Arcade Game

Budapest and LA-based digital agency Brandlift is going beyond the usual handshake, by taking the novel approach of introducing themselves to potential clients through an interactive video game.




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